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"Whitewashing = Racist! Blackwashing = Diversity!" What?! in politics
9 ups, 5mo
As a black creative, both are wrong because you’re changing an important aspect of the character.

If you want black characters in media, make your own. It isn’t that hard.
Who else in fun
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As a black person, maybe if people thought more about why they want access to a racial slur representing the sheer amount of vitriol and obstacles hurled at a disenfranchised people group, they’d reconsider wanting to use a racial slur for “haha funny gamer times”

Words have meaning, people.
I know they ignore it because guns are a big part of their economy, but do they really think money is worth more than humans? in politics
4 ups, 5mo
There’s a myriad of reasons for the spike in gun violence, namely its connection to the mental health crisis, but since the government has shown that it really doesn’t care about people these things continue to happen.

A lot of mass murderers tell someone [via a manifesto] before they commit a crime, and it’s a well known fact that this is the case, so if it was a priority to anyone there’d be better policies regarding how to respond to threatening messages posted online.
A filled-out character chart for one of my favorite characters :] in OCs
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honestly if I had to pick I’d pick another character, Hailwatcher’s close to my heart (since I wrote a novel-length book from his perspective, lol) but I have other characters whose designs I prefer