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"Yo [email protected]@a whas up" in politics
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Cracker comes from the actions white slave owners did to slaves
"MEME's about this administration will not go unpunished!!!" (in mandarin) in politics
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True but ANY Government that people obey OR disobey are screwed cus thats how power works.they eliminate with indiscretion cus “ALL IN ALL, WHERE JUST ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL”
#ISIS in politics
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True, i should trust the same group that murdered MLK
#ISIS in politics
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if you didn't notice the flag... actually Merikkka doesn't do well in Geography much less on flags from a country, but im Mexican not black, just giving you facts about the crazy extremists groups that thrive in Merikkka
"Any last words Mr. Potato head?" in politics
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its high, its as corrupt as every other politician especially the ones that get approval for Chinese trademarks