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Stop Living in Fear!! in politics
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Let's take your meme of MLK as an example of design. One opinion, a common opinion, is that negative space is important in capturing and retaining audience attention. Your meme has no negative space as it's filled with text.
Also, for anything more than a sentence long, all caps is completely inappropriate as it's difficult to read.
Excessive text in a meme is also a turn off to the audience because memes are meant to be a quick view of something to elicit an emotion or reaction. There is nothing quick about looking at your page from a book in a meme.
Of course, all of that is graphic design principle OPINION. You seemingly believe that the most important part of your meme is the message that Martin Luther King was giving and not the immediate reception of your meme by the audience. Many people, likely most, will skip past your meme because it looks like a chore to read it due to length of subject material and difficulty reading all caps. If you were using taught design principles, you would have taken the most excerpt from that quote instead. But that is professional opinion, not your opinion.
Stop Living in Fear!! in politics
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Stop Living in Fear!! in politics
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Lol....the irony of that statement!!
YOU are not listening.
YOU are not FACT itself. You making a statement does not make it fact.
"Good design principles" are opinion, not concrete fact.

Antithesis, please, you can't possibly be trying to educate anyone on design principles when the attached meme is what you're creating as an example of a good meme! The excessive text is something that belongs in a written article, not a meme. ...

Please check out this link that was first on my search for "meme graphic design principles". I think you'll find it enlightening.
Here are some excerpts that absolutely coincide with my choices of the font that seems to be disrupting your ability to move on in life:

"1. The Human Rule
Graphic design is ultimately about communication. Every piece of design- whether an image, banner, meme, infographic, gif or video- are all created for the purpose of communicating an idea to a specific target audience with the goal to trigger a specific action.
To help you come up with effective design concepts, here’s a simple design strategy. Before you start thinking about “how” to create a design, have answers to these questions first:

What is the message that you are looking to communicate?
Who is your target audience?
Where will this design go? Will it be posted on social media (which one- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn) or on the website? Note that the marketing platform will decide the layout and format of your design.
Why are you making this? Your CTA?
Which emotion are you looking to trigger in the viewers? Which emotion will get your audience to react to your call to action- anxiety, fear, excitement, hope, happiness? Take one of these emotions and start designing."

"2. The Art of Visual Balance
...So don’t always stick to rules though; experiment with Randomness."
Stop Living in Fear!! in politics
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What is your insistence in telling me I'm wrong? ha ha. It's humorous. You seem to be under the impression that your reason for using this meme site is the only reason one should be here and your principles of how to make a meme are the only principles that apply to any circumstance or medium. I'm fairly certain I do understand what you're saying.......and I disagree with you. That's the point I'm making. Do you understand my point? My point is that you and I disagree on purpose, technique, and importance....and it's okay that we don't agree.
Truly, it's okay that I will never ever ever agree with you on this particular piece of advice that you are giving on something that you don't understand. There's no need to keep trying to tell me how I'm wrong about something you aren't educated in and I am. It's really okay. Move on with your life. It's A-OKAY for people to disagree with your advice when you don't understand something.
Stop Living in Fear!! in politics
0 ups, 4m
Yeah, I know what you meant. We don't agree. And that's okay. Doesn't mean that I shouldn't create memes, use this site, or express my opinion.

The thing is, from my perspective, you are not correct that the way I created this meme is wrong. The font is purposely made to be slightly difficult to read as it relates to the content of the message. It's better to learn from others when you see a new way things are being done than to automatically assume you are the ultimate authority on the subject and nobody could know something that you don't know. For the way that I was using this meme in the discussion I was having offsite, this meme is designed 100% accurately.

Joking and razzing aside, I appreciate your input. In this case, the faded font being difficult to read is purposeful to the message and not a mistake in design.