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Surprised Koala
Lol, I posted a political meme back during the election. A bunch of people started arguing on it. ...a couple days ago, someone commented and started talking smack again. And I was like... really? I made this meme 19 months ago!!
Thanks for letting me meme with ya'll !
Lol. I've only got 1.7 million points to go. lol but I don't care. I love memes, I love imgflip. It's just a fun place to chill. Nice work, Damon_Knife. happy memeing.
First World Problems
Lol, I like how you censored the ing in f**king.
Always a moment for a selfie
HAHA! Nice Photoshop! Love that movie too, btw.
Bad Luck Brian sandcastle
LOL! Good one!