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Real men
Doll set, I think.
Real men
Not sure, haven't seen the movie, sorry.
Real men
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6dy7xQ8NeE (Film Trailer)
Real men
Oh, it's also the basis for the new film out called "Welcome to Marwen", starring Steve Carell. Spoiler if you want to know which parts of the film are real: http://www.historyvshollywood.com/reelfaces/welcome-to-marwen/
Real men
The apparently real story behind this photo is more masculine than the photo, which is not what you think - "Mark Hogancamp built Marwencol, a fictional Belgian village, out of dolls and action figures after he woke up from a coma." "It was a documentary, it will become a feature film, and it's about to be a book. It's the story of Mark Hogancamp, an artist who built a vivid and intricate world out of dolls during his recovery from a severe beating that almost left him dead." "Five men ambushed Hogancamp one night after they had all been drinking at a bar in Kingston, New York. (The attack may have been motivated by Hogancamp's admission that he enjoyed crossdressing.) The men stomped on Hogancamp's chest and face, destroying his skull around his right eye and damaging his brain. He spent nine days in a coma; when he awoke, he had to relearn how to eat, walk, and write, according to a press release from his publisher." "That's when he started building Marwencol, an imaginary town set in World War II-era Belgium. Hogancamp created buildings and then elaborate scenes and individual characters, integrating parts of his past life into the story. Though he never served in WWII—he was born in 1962—he did spend five years in the Navy, and his grandfather regaled him with stories from the war when he was young." "A new book, Welcome to Marwencol, includes 100 pages of Hogancamp's photographs from the miniature village." https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/mg7qkb/photos-from-marwencol-the-village-where-wwii-never-ended