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windows xp
Worst part? If this is a legit screenshot, still better than windows ten due to interesting info on everything literally being hacked and windows ten supposedly knows and or allows it.... XP was a shit system though, agreed but fun nonetheless.
Matrix Morpheus
Yeah agreed and why I actively try not too actually so. Good chap here imgflip, adhere the code of semi-decent conduct. It's ok to fail or f**k up but overall be honest and polite mang
Matrix Morpheus
Not just wisdom friend, f**king reality. Why do people use those comments? A method of devaluing the actual point anyone tries to say.
At least I know that trolling me is more important to them than living their life!
accurate troll depiction, let them turn to stone now. TROLLICUS IGNORICUS!
Mocking Spongebob
so just being stupid? Please don't ok? Some people have way to much time to "troll". Like seriously, trolling? I did that for 2 years when I was 10 or 11 because I'd meet jerks like you, who started being nasty or just plain dumb so it was a game of wits really. They all turned to stone so just for a moment think before you do a nasty action.