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I hate self-checkout stalls
Pretty much every walmart self checkout experience ever.
Tis just be a sad day for his ideas of change
And that happened here too, SubjectMatters posts would *mysteriously* be deleted after they shit talked. I honestly don't care if you care or do not, that's not my issue. Children tend to get upset when bad behavior is pointed out. WHAT I DO NOT CONDONE however is users maliciously posting/commenting shit onto a meme and than, like a coward no less, running to avoid punishments. I joined bout a year or less ago *don't post a lot is why I'm so unheard of* I do this STRICTLY for fun, you know what's not fun? Getting harassed by children because they decided to *crusade* as you put it against a person who once actually respected them *joke's on me though I guess huh?* Get off the high horse, if SubjectMatters wishes to behave properly I'll re-think my idea of them but not a moment sooner. Thanks for the response too, rather appreciate such a well typed, well thought out in advance response.
Tis just be a sad day for his ideas of change
Well well, subjectmatters gets trolled but doesn't troll themselves? I could deeply explain how over 3 or so of my memes have not much but insulting trash-talk from this *trolled* subjectmatters. I'm not one to deeply care on this shit, lords know if I did care I could be far more effective but let us clear the air. Subjectmatters trolls others, they give the same back, don't join or continue the game if you don't wish to be associated with it.
Is this pie chart controlled by a parasitic organism by chance? or another classic reference "And doctor? That's an order."
Distracted Boyfriend
psh, no sweat. Hell wish I could have homemade cream filled cupcakes now....