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Strictly for people who can keep their cool.
Yes, shit's still screwed up, I agree. Still REALLY screwed up too, though let us at least give trumpo one thing.. he IS trying. Obama just smacked everyone's shit all up and around, so did bush junior though when mister ex crack addict got in.. I really hoped he would help us, not screw everything up. Good ole bush jr. though "God told me to invade Iraq" Come on? HE WASN'T f**king insane and/or a idiot but trumpo is? Uhhhh. Anyways again, usually don't like to comment one these posts but yeah, shit's always getting so heated I just want to offer an opinion, not assblast people. plus salt generation is not needed but funny on occasion.
Strictly for people who can keep their cool.
I thought the devil was Lucifer's fallen form :)
Strictly for people who can keep their cool.
Given London and England in general, to the best of my limited knowledge, disallows spoons and shit.. They're just screeching at all Americans to prop themselves up. This is me though, someone who doesn't give two f**ks really at all and hates political memes cause of this shit. Oh and the British are usually just overly c**ty Americans who hate that we said we didn't care to be a part of them anymore because they are asses :)
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Yeah, could you talk to Jack Sparrow? He stole all your rum.
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Good, maybe that will teach you not to be a booze hound :3