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I Should Buy A Boat Cat in fun
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just a ha do you relize i have 2000 confirmed kills and am in the best rank of the military i could kill you in 3000 ways just using my bannana peel i dont see this as a joke i can find your email and your home address in 2 seconds dont mess with me kido
impostor of the vent in fun
0 ups, 3y
if only you knew why only imposters can vent because there infected withparasites(this is no theory this is true) and they can make them self smaller to fit thru the vent
Gru's Plan in fun
1 up, 3y
your grammer geos to a struggle club after using it once
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flamenco meme
Again?! in fun
2 ups, 3y
me:ok fine also me:well time to delete this now my phne:emergency bitch theres someone 2cm away from you me:well be world