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damien2009 (6247)
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my my im dropping in the charts welp im going into a prohibition seya in a few years cuz you dont like stuff i create :(
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Boot laces and face reveal I'm I'm tired and I have ideas goodnight in fun
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Oops that's supposed to say I have no ideas my bad i,ll change that
be angry in fun
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No fat ass
be angry in fun
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No no no you jackass violence is NOT the answer play doom 2 for a while the go shoot down range and let that anger out ya hippies
For the record: “gyatt” “rizz” and “skibidi (toilet)” are cringe. Sorry not sorry but you should stop. in fun
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Objection pizza tower and roblox are ass and for that reason they should blast it off the ass of the earth banished to he'll why roblox have so many flaws 1 edaters 2 in unfathuable