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What does that even meme?
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The struggle is real lactivists. The struggle is real. in fun
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Who Are "They"? | DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO THEY ARE? RESEARCH BEFORE YOU REACT | image tagged in they,who are they,why does what they say matter so much,they said so | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
If you are "the society" then who is oppressing you? Is it "The Man"? Is he still responsible for oppressing everybody who isn't him? Who is him? Is it they? Do you realize that "They" run the world, and as long as they do, your parade would have to include pretty much everybody. Want to know how to fix this? Give up on this nonsense about Us and Them, Blue and Red, Liberal and Conservative, and just focus on US! All of us.
When you get Mozzarella cheese sticks..from Costco in fun
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Did you know that Parmesan cheese is not from Parma and is made with whatever cheese is excess? Did you know the #2 ingredient in Parmesan cheese is sawdust!? They call it ecllulose powder so people don't know. Do you know what Soylent Green is?
Ha Ha in fun
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This would be a crate - for a hippo. Perhaps a hypocrite is what you meant? Even so, what the hell did you even mean by this anyway?
Black background in fun
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So then I wondered, did you notice you spelled your incorrectly? life with......
Mood Ring in fun
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Is that what the green color means? Here in Colorado green means something much happier.