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Ninja: like your government, you're a pathetic deluded bully sticking your nose in where it isn't wanted, prolly receiving a stipend from your corporate masters who have no compunction about impoverishing millions of folk, including their own, countrymen, and ravaging the planet. Far as I'm concerned, North Korea's doing the world a favour standing up to the psychopathic parasitic imperialism of the States. Have you looked at the poverty in your own country, in the Rust Belt? please don't insult my intel by pretending that's the result of liberalism, it's the product of neoliberalism. I have no interest in having any further discourse with a poison pen for hire like you. That might very well by Jeremy CORBIN's mansion, who's he? Bit rich of you criticising my English, pillock.
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Abby, you're about as funny as the 141,000 Britons hastened to a premature death by the political party you support, so why don't you vamoose, brute? I make it a rule not to speak to people who relish the suffering of others.
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You must walk around with your eyes closed. You certainly walk around with a heart more inaccessible than a horcrux being a Tory. Go jill off over kids eating out of bins, you psychopathic old boot.
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The feeling's mutual, Yank chump. At least we have to elect the Tories or import Muslims to commit our mass murder for us. Your kids are so deranged and despise your morally putrid country so much they commit mass omnicide every single other day.
Jeremy Corbyn
Tory troll, why don't you go and throttle your turkey over kids eating out of dustbins or whatever gets you sociopaths off?