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National School Walkout Day vs. Personal Responsibility
We do have gun control laws that weren't enforced by the agencies that were alerted over and over again about the alleged shooter. To be honest, we actually need oversight on these agencies to make sure they are doing their job and enforcing the laws that are already in place.
National School Walkout Day vs. Personal Responsibility Does this meme bother you? If so, the demons bothering you are irritated by it. What did Jesus ever do to you that you hate Him? If demons weren't overly oppressing you, you may not believe in Him, but you wouldn't hate Him and be bothered by others that do believe in Him. As far as rational explanations, spiritual things are explained away by those influenced by demons in order to attach a mundane reason to everything, so that you don't believe in God. If my own words and the words of others aren't proof enough for you (which in a court of law would suffice in absence of physical evidence), then you would have to have a profound, personal experience that left no doubt in your mind that it wasn't something that can be explained away scientifically.
National School Walkout Day vs. Personal Responsibility
"Criticized" Jesus? More like you mocked and insulted him in the vilest way your demons could muster. I'm surprised you didn't quote the satanic Talmud about Jesus being the son of a w**re and presently in Hell boiling in excrement. Demons say that kind of thing, as well as what you said. They hate Jesus with such vitriol that they can't stand for anyone to even mention His name. His name is THAT powerful. It is ALL powerful. They hate the fact that Jesus died for US humans, and not them. They torment humans because they hate us for being favored by God, and they are not. Spiritual things cannot be measured with physical science, so you have to use witness testimony from believers that have experienced miracles after calling on Jesus. Jesus cast many demons out of many people during His ministry, and gave that power and authority over Satan and his demons to each of us if you believe in Jesus and what He did for you, and calling on His name. That's another reason demons hate us so much. We have authority over them, but they try to frighten and trick us into thinking we are powerless. Eventually they want to take us to Hell with them by tricking us into thinking God and Jesus and Satan don't exist, so do as thou wilt. I have personally stopped a demonic attack (mislabeled "sleep paralysis") by saying "Jesus" out loud, after saying "oh God, oh God, oh God" over and over again in a panic. Then the thought came to me to say "Jesus", which I struggled to do because it felt like something invisible was on top of me, pinning me down and covering my mouth. When I finally said it, the attack stopped INSTANTLY, like I'd set whatever it was on fire. At the time I didn't know what was going on, but all I know is that it stopped when I said "Jesus" out loud. I realized that things improve, and miracles happen when I pray to Jesus. There's plenty of other witness testimonies in the New Testament (and any true Christian you care to talk to) but you cannot read with understanding if you don't have the eyes to see. And considering you're opinion of Jesus, you won't until you ask our Father, in Jesus name, to help you understand what you are reading, and repent of the hatred you have for Him. I don't know what else to tell you. *shrug*
National School Walkout Day vs. Personal Responsibility
"What actual evidence do you have that demons exist? You say that, yet you have no proof whatsoever." What's my proof? See below: "Also, Jesus wasn't perfect. He said and did some shitty things, such as comparing non-Jews to dogs and pigs. I would even say he was a shitty person in some respects. That's not even touching on the issue of his mental illness. Any human who says they created the universe is mentally ill." That demon has a tight rein on your mind. Jesus would help you with that if you'd let Him.
National School Walkout Day vs. Personal Responsibility
Considering that you think people who want to prevent the slaughter of the unborn and want to defend the living are brainwashed, I'd say you are full of demons. I'm a horrible representative of Jesus because I'm a mere human, full of flaws. I don't think a true Christian would ever say they were a perfect representative of Jesus, because perfect humans don't exist. Only Jesus is perfect. God hates liars, so I don't sugar-coat what I say because it's a way of lying. Too bad you can't handle that. Those demons make you weak. I hope Jesus comes into your heart, but it's not looking good because you won't let Him in.