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Patriotic Eagle
Oh hey, Bill Hicks, I mean, Alex Jones is on IMGFLIP!
bad luck Cortez
Does she know she looks like that?
I submitted a meme that was featured. It was given 212 upvotes and had 158 comments. Then is was marked submitted. WTF
THAT got downvoted to submission? I upvoted that one. Why would anyone be offended by this? smh. I've had the same thing happen, btw. You are not alone.
Futurama Fry
Thank you! I was going to reference #walkaway but forgot : )
True story...
The point of the top half of this meme is that the ponies are angry with the animator for his crime. It was not meant to implicate anything about MLP fans but to make people aware that there are those who work in children's entertainment that don't have the best interests of children at heart. I submitted the top meme four days ago and is at six views (mostly mine) and still in "submitted" status. So, I created this one to make another point.