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Okay, so hopefully the overseas ballots will have the correct postmarks (no later than Nov 6, 2018 from an overseas PO). How many overseas ballots have been received, or are expected? Troops tend to be conservative, so it will be interesting to see which way that will go. Check this out... It appears that although "early voting activity reports are available to the public", "Vote-by-Mail requests activity reports are only available to statutorily authorized persons and entities." That sounds like the perfect recipe for ballot-stuffing.
I prefer the name #Demonrats.
Dude. They still needed to be counted by the deadline, 30 minutes after polls closed. Y'know, to prevent ballot stuffing?
Maybe it's time they stopped being so damn sensitive.
I keep seeing comments (not just here) where LGBTQ defend Muslims (although Muslims toss LGBTQ off of rooftops) and deride Christians (who merely quote the Bible saying sodomy is an abomination). What is that all about? What is the connection between Muslims and LGBTQ? I don't get it.
Get your own window!
If psychotherapy isn't working for you, you might need an exorcist. You definitely need Jesus.