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The best part is that when you take these off your kids legs feel so light they goose step all around the house...
If there is a god in the world he will let me see some parents using these. Youtube video hilarity will ensue.
Excellent idea 3 pt type for a site primarily consumed on a phone. Go back to CNN memes, er uh design, or uh ideas, whatever i just didn’t read it because i cant see it.
Peter, we had such high hopes for you.
Tough luck spidey. Looks like being a photographer didnt work out. Hahaaha.
Peter, we had such high hopes for you.
You can major in mcdonalds U. Some kid told me thats a thing. hahaha. Pick your “career” and go for your dreams. Hahahaha.
Pimp old man
Hahaha. Is he wearing tevas?