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Don't shoot the wall in politics
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Lmao so why did the cop get charged for wanton endangerment for the shots that missed her? If the cop was shooting at the boyfriend and accidentally hit Breonna, why was he charged for wanton endangerment for accidentally endangering the neighbors? ALL THE SHOTS MISSED THE BOYFRIEND, who was the target. But only the ones that also missed Breonna were wanton? How does that work? The cop was charged for wanton endangerment for the bullets that not endangeringf anyone, but not charged for the bullets that killed a bystander.

And who the f**k was resisting arrest? She was in bed. Y'all have no shame the way twist some facts and ignore others to justify your racism.

What's your stand on Ruby Ridge, you know where the same thing happened to a white woman? She shouldn't have resisted arrest? Lmao
Home Alone At Last in fun
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The cursor isn't mine! I stole this