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I dont know girl in politics
0 ups, 6d
Steve Jobs was ignorant about computers and the engineering of technology too, so, not really much of a point you got there
Bugs For Bait in politics
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I mean I enjoy a good and bloody steak but bugs are actually a really good idea as a food source. They certainly make sushi really pop
Can't say I'm wrong. in politics
4 ups, 3w
Finally a climate change critique on imgflip with some sense to it
WTF in politics
0 ups, 4w
The single most studied and repeatedly verified idea in all of the vast pantheon of human knowledge was proven false by a single study? Tell me you don't know how academia works without telling me you don't know how academia works lol
WTF in politics
0 ups, 4w
Have you seen what evolution comes up with? Lol success don't always mean a lion, sometimes that shit means a cuttlefish looking and acting like a female to avoid conflict with the large males haha