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Roll Safe Think About It
Or if the fertilized egg simply doesnt adhere to the uterine wall and falls out during like, a shower or something. Im guessing you didnt know that these kind of natural "abortions" happen all the time?
Creepy Condescending Wonka
Except its not a reality tv show where thats supposed to happen so...yeah it is shocking
It's not the gun.
Making something illegal makes it harder to obtain. Lets look at drugs. I can stroll on down to the dispensary and grab me some weed right now. In 1980, i could not. I would have to break laws which causes hurtles some wont jump over. For those that try, there is the chance to run into law enforcement. See how theres still a reduction in deaths via strict gun laws?
It's not the gun.
Youre right. Just as many people die in total over a huge amount of time. But if we can take the mass shooting losses sustained per incident, reduce them to knife losses sustained per incident and measure that over a year or so, dont you think we'd see a reduction in death?
Change My Mind
Water is only one part of the equation of wet. A single molecule of water isnt wet but when you apply it to something, that something becomes wet. If you are saying that water in contact with water is wet, then you are suggesting that a single molecule of water isnt wet. To maintain your position youd have to assert that a single molecule of water isnt water