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Wait the dems want illegals and ms13 in the country to vote for them or the dems were responsible for these border enforcement structures lol ffs which is it
Good Guy Greg
I'm a liberal and holy shit my snowflake ass be melting from all these trump memes on this site bro. Hilarious as f**k though, go***mn y'all roast Hillary lol
How to remove Trump: Crazed Liberal Edition -- And before Stormy Daniels it was Russian Collusion.
Cant lie at this point im hoping the democrats just concede and deal with the guy. We've got 6 more years of trump guaranteed. My sweet sweet left is looking hella dumb right now
This Is Why They Want Your Guns!
"The besieged authorities surrendered." The government that rotates out f-22s because they are obsolete to them does not get besieged and surrender to your ar-15 bruh holy shit lol
Invade lul