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cathli_fox (51399)
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Wow, 4 years of my randomness! And I'm still the local naval foxo
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Untitled Image in History_Memes
1 up, 10mo
2 tomska gods?!
Where do I sign up for that reality
Untitled Image in Furries-stream
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Love the trans bandanna
I should get that for my avatar
Untitled Image in Furries-stream
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Struth, you'd be mad as a gala and have a few roo's loose in top paddock to say that to an aussie
to let others know that there is danger nearby, one must sacrifice their soul to the flames of danger in you-had-one-job
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I would like to add something
No, you are not stuck with the fire alarm, you can escape just with a clunky new bracelet for a fireman or a police officer to take off
Untitled Image in Furries-stream
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I saw this when he tweeted this
Wonder how long till this appeared here