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I'm Christian, I'm conservative, and I got opinions. Just given ya fair warning. ;)
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Alright, no more games. Eminem is a washed up rapper who hasn't been relevant since 2010. so what does he do to get back in the game? jumps on the "hate Trump" bandwagon and comes up with a "brilliant" line in his latest "hit." that's sure to go over well, right? Well... believe it or not a good sized chunk of his fans actually voted for Trump in the latest election. so, what do those fans do? they don't buy his crap music, and he feels it in his next paycheck. but he'll be okay, since he lives in a mansion built using the money he got from those same fans. and those rape allegations about Trump. if they are true, why did those women wait so long to report him? because they were afraid? because they felt like even if they did, their cries would fall on deaf ears? are you kidding me? if they had reported him long before his presidential run, the media would have eaten it up. Trump, even if the charges didn't stick, would have his reputation ruined, his friends abandoning him left and right, and any chances of him running for president down the drain. he wouldn't have made it anywhere near the oval office, especially on the republican ticket. last, but not least, Eminem comes from one of the worst cites in the U.S., and probably the world, Detroit. I've seen photos of it, and it looks like a third world country. do you hear eminem rapping about the politicians that are in charge of it? criticizing them for running it into the ground and then some? if he really wanted to make a difference, he would go to Detroit and use his fortune to help the people of Detroit, get elected mayor, and try to show everyone else how it's done. but he's not gonna do that. instead, he going to continue being what he's good at: a washed up rapper.