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WOW, that's a good one.....LOL
True Love
Stupidity vision
Then quit reading them then if I suck so much stupidass. Rememeber I'm the reason you have an account on here but just to let you know, I don't give two f**ks how you feel about my stuff. Be the bigger person and quit responding to my un-funny shit.
Death Wait
Wow, why am I not surprised...Smh. If I didn't tell you about this site, you would've never known anything about it so you calling me names is like the pot calling the kettle black. You joined ImgFlip because of me and so don't get angry because you realize you worship me and you know these corny memes were acurate. Otherwise, your dumbass wouldn't have responded to any of them. Just remember, I'm the reason you joined this site so the next time you wanna call me names, look in the mirror and think about how much of a desperate dumbass you are....Smh. You loved me all these years so you make more of an ass outta yourself by calling me a f*g.....Smh. There's something wrong with you Vanessa
Death Wait
If my memes are so stupid and not funny, then why the hell you waste time reading them for? And why were you so desperate to throw harsh jabs at me on here because that's the real reason you joined ImgFlip. With that being said and you name calling, what does that make you?