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Did Joe Biden just give the Taliban a bunch of surface to air missiles in politics
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Ronald Reagan suppplied stingers to mujadeen forces in the 80's, in order to shoot down invading soviet helicopters. They later became Al-Queida :)
even malcom x nailed it in politics
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Malcom X was a communist you dummies
Millennial Olympians- leading America from reaching for excellence to the era of mediocrity one loss at a time. in politics
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we have like 9 gold medals so far???? are you retarded or something
The big squeeze is on right now. in politics
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do you guys think that the government controls rent or something???? The original comic was from an 1894 issue of Chicago labor, criticizing the Pullman companies measly payments and unfair rent to it's workers, in a society where there was no minimum wage or worker's rights.
Woman Yelling At Cat in politics
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do you know how to read