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Chicken riding a raccoon playing a clarinet in a canoe on top of a Buick in a volcano.
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Cool Obama in fun
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I don't get it.
Who Brings The Babies That Bring Babies in fun
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Untitled Image in fun
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Meant seeing Gacy
Untitled Image in fun
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Sorry that anything longer than a 2 sentence meme gives you headaches and tears. That was the point tho, the longer you read those touching words while seeing Fact, the more uncomfortable the pleasing prose becomes. Turning touching words sickeningly uncomfortable. Sorry if you're already crying again.
Untitled Image in fun
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After seeing the process, i see watching the act scraping off is part of the total Piece of art. Its art on multiple media. The art being made is visual art, then the final product is the sum of all the parts.