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Jesus and Trump Walk on Water in politics
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Where she belongs. And Trump, thank goodness, will be joining her there in January of 2021. I just wish a real conservative were replacing him instead of Joe Biden.
More liberal logic... in fun
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Oh. And the farm belt has been devastated by the trade war with China. Neither has anybody in Europe "surrendered;" the disputes are ongoing. Nobody wins a trade war.
More liberal logic... in fun
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Trump is a wizard. Pay no attention to that black man behind the curtain. | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
You seem to have trouble reading graphs. Unemployment marched steadily downward and the Dow Jones marched steadily upward under Obama. The tax cuts were neither big enough nor have they had time to have the impact the Obama economic program had, and the improvement happened almost entirely before Trump even took office.

I'm not the one who has been drinking the Kool-Aide, my sheeplike friend. There is a reason why Donald Trump is the first president since Gallup has been in business who at this point in his administration has never once been over fifty percent in his approval ratings.

Reality isn't much affected by your decision to live an an alternate one of your own imagining.
More liberal logic... in fun
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And yet, you can't spell "feudal..."
More liberal logic... in fun
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So let me get this straight... because Trump hasn't destroyed the economy (yet; he's working on it with his trade policy), the economic growth that began under Obama and has slowed down under Trump is Trump's doing?