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and now we wait... in fun
0 ups, 7mo
image tagged in squidward how original | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
This shit kinda funny–it’s a well-crafted high effort meme–ngl makes me want to upvote it
Untitled Image in fun
1 up, 7mo
I think it’s mostly because clickbait users mainly attract kids and they say stuff like that a lot and I hope by funny comments by true comedians you don’t mean someone quoting someone on their own vid and doing the 😂 emoji
Stop... just stop XD in fun
0 ups, 7mo
A more accurate title would be “to prove how many people on imgflip are less than 10 years old”
that’s why I don’t dedicate much time to the fun stream in fun
3 ups, 8mo
[image deleted] Exactly I’d rather see memes like this than that disgrace
Pls don’t take this way too seriously in fun
1 up, 8mo
If you thought this like 8 years ago you’d be right but now Disney is ass and illumination and dreamworks are better now