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When life gives you lemons, chuck em' at your enemy and buy limes instead.
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Kj & Sprouse in fun
0 ups, 12m
ill think about it, thxs
Face Masks in politics
0 ups, 1y
i just found this old meme i made right when quarantine started and just realized how much my humour has downgraded ever since. this was pretty funny when it was first made but now, my humour is not the same. that sucks.
Grogu or Yoda? in fun
0 ups, 1y
i know but some ppl think that calling grogu or the child "baby yoda" is dumb, but those ppl are just wrong. he's cute no matter his name is!
Republicans Be Dumb..... Especially Trump Supporters in politics
0 ups, 1y
exactly! human beings cannot live without being controlled by a medical prescription that "helps your body stay healthy". Like Vitamins, Ibuprofen, Advil, or even Prilosec. And to think that all of these meds can be used to help us, but people decide to use them in bad ways like use them for drugs or to get high...... dang tiktok really said "benodryl is the best way to get trippy". Wow..... I wish Vine told me that, too.