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Bush dead
are you lonely or just assuming based on my last submitted?
woof woof. cellar dweller check list is almost to all done. woof woof. you got the butt hurt, made no points, fire off the wrong assumptions. the full stereotype. seems you are also a skilled poop photographer. thats something special.
says the pos with memes of pos. your opinion is worth a bag of pubes. keep calling the kettle black tho. you clearly project tons of class.
he screams in rage from his mothers basement
civil unrest
my obama? amusing. assuming id support him in this, because of the satirical angle here. id gladly have photo shopped him in there, had they been using mexico in the comparison. its two wings of the same shit bird. it is redeeming of yourself that you at least knew his participation, in the central and south american meddling we are so famous for.