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civil unrest
my obama? amusing. assuming id support him in this, because of the satirical angle here. id gladly have photo shopped him in there, had they been using mexico in the comparison. its two wings of the same shit bird. it is redeeming of yourself that you at least knew his participation, in the central and south american meddling we are so famous for.
civil unrest
then you have no excuse to miss the relation of the statement with the people in the photo. or the 75 million they sent in weaponry to support the conflicts that took place there.
civil unrest
were you not alive in the 80's?
who knows why sick people do what they do. thankfully we aren't japan tho. i respect the Japanese culture and history. in no way blame the people as a whole here in this. I'm just sick of this global comparative we have here in the US. often to places where we have some pretty strong believe differences in a lot of core topics. A comparative helps but not in the flip floppy manner both parties are frantically doing.
street vending machines too incase you didn't realize that