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When racing...
Remarkably, he only broke his arm. Look at the back of the white pick-up truck, you'll see someone's helmet rolling around. Chin straps need to be tight.
Change My Mind
All dogs can be dangerous. It's the owner's responsiblity to train their dog not to be dangerous. However, when "pit bulls go bad", their breeding, temperment, and design, make them fierce fighers, fierce killers. Kinda like the Irish...
Smoke and Die
My mom did die. And, when you speak of the dead, when you wail, you mourn a loss, which makes anything you say, a ballad for the dead.
Trump and Stormy's Sex Tape Released
Proof our leaders are all clowns. Also, Rudy is the ugliest woman I've ever seen.
Happy Dog
She's a happy girl.