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The World Today in fun
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Stupid tags.... it's not supposed to be tranny. it's tyranny.
Hail to the Hypocrite in politics
2 ups, 6mo
You can't teach an old, demented dog new tricks...!
Hail to the Hypocrite in politics
1 up, 6mo
Yes, distract the public. "LOOK OVER THERE! NOT AT US!"
The World Today in fun
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I'm happy that your happy trusting the "experts" and our "authorities". I don't.
The World Today in fun
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I'm not a fan of the big fans. But nuclear is stupid. Go ask the people of Fukushima and Chernobyl. They'll have very different opinions about nukes. Also, would you want the waste store within a couple hundred miles of your home. Do I feel safe living near a nuke plant? no. The original nuke plants are getting older and older. And we've seen how America's infrastructure is holding up. Or rather, falling down. Surfside, Miami. Or, the bridge in Minneapolis. To mention just a few. There's been many bridges failing or near failure. Remember that terrible bridge collapse in Italy. Now imagine a nuke plant have a critical failure. It's not impossible. Therefore, terrifying.