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Don't be Fooled in fun
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The nuclear program was nothing more than a front for nuclear weapons. It's expensive, not green, and Fukushima was not a only because of a tsunami. Geologists had advised that the seawall was not high enough. MONEY, was the only reason it was not made high enough to stop a disaster. Also, if nuclear energy was so fantastic, clean and economical, why is German getting rid of all their nuclear power plants? Maybe it's because the Germans are not a practical, highly technical, and fiscally conservative people. No, wait, they are and they've rejected nuclear power. So have the Japanese. Japan thinks nuclear power is dangerous. You can have all the faith in nuclear power you want. Because that's all it is, like religion, it's all about faith and trust. I don't trust governments or corporations to do the right thing. They almost always sacrifice safety if it's not cost effective. That's how capitalism works. Profits first, safety second......
Don't be Fooled in fun
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Your argument is personal and weak. You never criticized the point and guessed at my level of research. I've researched nuclear energy and nuclear weapons. I can provide tons of examples of the dangers and problems with nuclear energy and it's waste. Heck, don't even listen to a word I write. Why don't you go ask the citizens or the workers at were there at Chernobyl and Fukushima how they feel about nuclear energy? I've watched documentaries about Fukushima and many of the workers have very troubling stories.
He said What? in fun
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Trevor Noah is facing a backlash after criticizing Big Pharma regarding Covid.
Awesome in fun
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It's awesome.
Are we alone? in fun
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The Groove Tube 1974