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I can teach you how to be funny but please bear in mind the sole reason I'm here is to make memes for my own enjoyment K
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Carrion in gaming
1 up, 5mo
what the f-
Not really a deterrent in fun
1 up, 6mo
Gosh this guy is so embarrassingly f**king stupid.
Exact opposite for me right now, what is it with high school teachers piling on work along with finals at the end of the year? in fun
1 up, 6mo
nah I usually get all sad and bored and miss the days when I had too much to do
? in reactiongifs
0 ups, 7mo
AFAIK chicken have been documented to eat their own occasionally, even without their own necessarily being turned into chicken nuggets before being served.

buff willy in fun
0 ups, 7mo
great meme but the caption over face ruined it