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Bill Murray denied it - but I saw right through him... :) in fun
1 up, 2y
Well one of them is actually a ghost. Rest in peace Harold Ramis.
You with all your 21st century computers and communications in fun
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I heard that the capacity of the apollo 11 computer was equivalent to the size of a modest jpeg image, so it was not very powerful.
lazy millennials in fun
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I'm a millennial born in the mid 1980's. And remember watching super dave Osborne on television. May Bob Einstein Rest in peace.
Jerry Stiller Rest in Peace in fun
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I believe that woman is Anne Meara, Jerry Stiller's wife and Ben Stiller's mom. She passed away on May 23rd 2015. Almost exactly 5 years before her husband passed away. I seen her in the television show Archie Archie bunker's place as Veronica the Chef. Rest in peace to her and Jerry Stiller.
The Original theme song doesn't mention the professor nor Mary-Ann (Gilligan's Island Week) (Music Week) in fun
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I heard that Bob Denver said that he wanted the opening theme song changed so that mary ann, and the professor were credited in the song.