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JT Barrett in fun
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No joke,the uniforms were depressing (darth vader buckeyes) Rankings change...Ohio state just went #3. Penn state dropped to #7. True Dat, JT well deserving of the Heisman!
Neil Gorsuch in fun
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JUDGES... "THAT'S MY POWER!" | image tagged in memes,sparta leonidas | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
I know, right? Taking the power away from elected officials, is "taking the power away from us". I am so, NOT down with that!
Caesar in fun
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Good, thoughtful, and fair question. All one needs to do is look around them to see the complexities of life and nature...and the astronomical odds against all of it just coming together by chance, without a designer. Those are some pretty big odds, when you really have an understanding of just how complex the universe really is, and our relationship to it. Once a belief in God is attributed to such overwhelming "awesomeness" ...then it becomes a matter of which God, which truth claim; and the journey ensues. I did not grow up with any religion, really. So, I was a clean slate, so to speak...and have done comparative analysis of the truth claims of world religions. Christianity stands out singularly amongst all others...for it is the only religion whom's afterlife promise is not dependent on our works or good deeds. THIS has the ring of truth, and this is what sets Christianity apart from all others.
Caesar in fun
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Evolutionary theory cannot prove, that God does not exist, any more than Christian apologetics proves, that God does exist. An agnostic is more honest in his truth claim than an atheist, for at least he has enough understanding, to admit this fact.

Even those who espouse no faith, demonstrate it everyday, in some form or fashion. I have faith that my car will start when I go to work in the morning, but I cannot really know for certain that it will. I have faith that the electric bill I put in the mail yesterday will reach the electric company, but I can't say for certain that it will. I don't believe the claims of atheism are supported by the evidence. So called evidences, are widely interpreted among scientists and scholars. It is impossible to prove God does not exist. So, when one chooses atheism, it does come down to desire...don't kid yourself.
Caesar in fun
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I understand what your saying...There is alot of debate as to which bible versions best preserve the Word of God. Some passages may be affected by variant readings, but do not affect any major doctrine, and do not change the biblical message. We should focus on the amazing similarities of the texts, and their ability to communicate the gospel, rather than focusing on their dissimilarities, which are often trivial. God has preserved His Word through the ages. We may debate the wording in a few passages, but the fact remains, that the text is unanimously supported by all ancient manuscripts. The Dead Sea scrolls (including Old testament texts) which date back from 250 BCE-70CE were rediscovered in 1947. These scrolls have confirmed the accuracy of the copies (Masoretic text, Hebrew OT), written 1000 years later. We CAN be rest assured that we have the accurate, revealed words of God passed down to us.