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Untitled Image in frontpage
2 ups, 2y
Just for that im giving up on all past dreams and making a plan for a trillion-dollar company
He is the messiah in LGBTQ
0 ups, 2y
As someone who is aroace, I also approve of this
Roses are red, silent as a mouse, your back door is open, i'm inside your house in fun
4 ups, 2y
blood is red
water is blue
first I will stab
then I will drown you
Peace was never an option for us in fun
1 up, 2y
Ima ace that loves knives and swords
lgbt in fun
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ok, I was scrolling on LGBT memes (cause I'm aroace and demigirl) and I'm seeing all these christain hate memes, and I'm just over here like can I not be LGBT and a frickin christain too?