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Joe Biden in politics
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made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Click on his profile name and see for yourself.
Joe Biden in politics
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Also, your point of view that all Democrats hate America is extremely naive. My grandfather served in the Navy, and my Uncle is currently in the Army. Both hated Trump.

You should come out of your little bubble where you idealize Trump and negate anything that goes against your fixed mindset. And no, I'm not a crybaby. If anything, I'm crying in laughter over your blatant hypocrisy.
Joe Biden in politics
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Here is a list of impeachable offenses:

1. Obstruction of Justice: for firing Comey and covering up evidence of attempts to fire Mueller

2. Violating the Emoluments Clause: for having foreign officials stay at Trump hotels and the Chinese government approving at least 40 trademarks to Trump businesses over his presidency

3. Soliciting foreign interference in elections: for asking China and Russia to investigate his political opponents and withdrawing aid from Ukraine unless they could get dirt on Biden

4. Inciting political violence: for demonization and rhetoric that led to increased threats against political rivals, in some cases including mailed pipe bombs

5. Attacking the free press: for spreading mistruths about the media that lead to threats

6. Violating immigrants' rights to due process: for disparaging immigrants and suggesting that they be shot in the legs

7. Violation of Campaign Finance laws: for covering up relations with Stormy Daniels and a possibly illegal flow of campaign finances