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One Does Not Simply
How is this comment relevant to a discussion of keeping police accountable? And unless you're black and I'm white, your meme makes no sense in context.
Hey Internet
So personal observation and conjecture leads you to the conclusion. It's not without value, but it's also not anywhere near knowing something "for a fact". What you have is an informed opinion at best, depending on the credibility and accuracy of your sources of information. I'm not saying you can't have opinions, or even commenting on whether or not they're true. Just scale back the qualifiers. You don't know this for a fact.
Planned Parenthood bribing politicians
It's literally a part of my job to walk the line between (c)(3) and (c)(4). If you'd listen, you'd notice that I've already got the truth over here. No helping some people indeed.
Planned Parenthood bribing politicians