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Well, when you put it that way..... in politics
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If the attack is initiated through proxies on behalf of Iran and you feel it is serious enough to require retaliation, you retaliate against Iranian military targets. Period. You think Iran cares if you kill their proxies? The entire point of that was for them to see what Biden would do. Biden told Iran he was afraid of them but still went ahead and bombed a different country we shouldn't even be in anymore.
Well, when you put it that way..... in politics
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Oh yes, I forgot, the new left is Pro Middle Eastern wars now. LMAO!. By the way, in context, there IS something very wrong with that. It shows Iran that Biden is scared of them so he had to bomb Iranian proxies in Syria instead of them. So even of you ARE pro Middle Eastern wars, Biden just grabbed a megaphone and screamed, "Hey there Iran, I'm a pussy!!"
I can see the Resemblance in politics
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Dude, come on, that's not a fair comparison. One of them is a disgusting evil monster that destroys everything around it. The other is just a character in the Predator movies.
Democrats are tyrants, Republicans have no spine...Screw them all, let's start over in politics
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Yes, they're better than the Democrats but at what point do we stop accepting them just being the lesser of 2 evils?
They really do think you're this stupid in politics
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You can type "Strawman, never said that" all you want David Duke Jr. But you have said ALL of that. You were terrified of a threat to Nancy Pelosi but when it came to the death and destruction in poor black communities? Hell, you couldn't care less. In fact you supported it. Racists reveal themselves in their actions and in what they support. You support the deaths of poor black people. You think they are expendable. You are terrified of even the mildest threat to a rich, white elite politician. That's really all anyone needs to know about you. Race hatred is the very air you breath.