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The plan: Make things SO bad that ANYTHING is better than where we are. in politics
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Some of them are actually alive....or as alive as an internet bot can be.....
It's almost like we don't want the least knowledgeable people in the country to make the laws... in politics
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Umm..THIS President wants to make gun laws by Executive order. And, in case you didn't notice, every single Democrat is as idiotically ignorant about guns as Biden is.
You're not fooling anyone in politics
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Provide any evidence that more Republican died from Covid than Democrats, especially considering blue states had worse death rates. Please provide any evidence to support your claim.....unless of course you just completely made it up from thin air....
You're not fooling anyone in politics
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BAHAHAAAAAAA!!!! You think your beloved Democrats cared ANYTHING about "science" during Covid! OMG, that's adorable. HAHAHAHA!