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e glitch sorry for the white stuff in fun
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wtf i just check the notifacation and it has 128 upvotes
Be Like Bill in fun
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lmaooooooooooo someone didnt get the joke
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sweet home alabama
I'll do anything to save money. in fun
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This meme is most likely factually incorrect as you mention having a child of the age of three. People making memes at the age of having children is rare and only 6.9 percent of all memers, there are about 420,00 users on "ImgFlip" and being one of the largest followed and upvoted users and also being a memer of above average age is extremely rare. Most of the time the age of consent in first world countries "assumed due to the possesion of a computer" is around 19 and the average age of having a child is around 30. Also notice that you need to wait around 9 months for the child to be born, and another 3 years would mean you are around 34 year old. But you recently made a meme depicting a child in a car which looks like a kia model 9 which was released in 2013, but the caption is "me as a child", the legal definition of a child is someone under 18 years old, and if you are 34 years old you were a child until 2004, meaning this meme is a contradiction to your meme canon.
Be Like Bill in fun
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Well technically if "Bill" laughs and expresses humor towards memes and the positive portrayals of him are true most likely up-votes these memes. You are telling us to be like this person and laugh and therefore up-vote memes we laugh at and you made this meme with the hopes of making people laugh so you are telling us to up-vote your meme, meaning you are a "Up-vote beggar" but you are telling other people not to up-vote beg therefore you are a hypocrite and you have created the "Bill paradox".