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Hello there! I love Pokemon, FNAF, and so much more!
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FNAF SONG. NOW in fnaf
1 up, 4w
He is here (he is here)
I’d recognize him anywhere
The purplish figure was bigger and quicker than me
And I thought I was dreaming
He looked like a demon
And I remember bleeding and screaming and thinking that no body could hear me
For what he did to me he’s gonna die
(He needs to die!)
The others agree he needs to die
(Needs to die!)
We’ll never be free until he dies
(Epic Purple Guy laughter and Springlock snap)
FNAF SONG. NOW in fnaf
1 up, 4w
(Going with this version, sorry if wrong)

A when you hide remains, what remains?
Just a remnant of a soul inside a shell
I can tell by destroying them
But this time there’s no gore
Like before
But it needed to be done, for my son
(Two. three)
FNAF SONG. NOW in fnaf
0 ups, 1mo
Long after I had done, what I’d done. What’s become of them?
I thought their souls were gone, something’s wrong
So I need to put an end to everyone. Everyone
Fax in fnaf
2 ups, 1mo
Thanks for the crowbar Foxy
FNAF SONG. NOW in fnaf
1 up, 1mo
Hey friend! Welcome back again
To a night in our circus hall of fame
Such a shame you won’t be around for long
So we might as well sing our song
So basically you have another final 5 nights
No bites no frights but a viscous sight
We’re controlled by an evil insanity
This profanity has now vanity!