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Darrell Brooks the Terrorist in politics
4 ups, 2y
Right, because you are completely incurious and only accept information from officially approved sources. If they don’t want to talk about it, you don’t know & never will.
Darrell Brooks the Terrorist in politics
4 ups, 2y
Then give me an explanation, not just a bare denial. If *leftists* say “Proud to Be an American” is a sign of right-wing bias (which they did), what else does that mean?

Feel free to explain it rather than just offer a childish “Nuh uh.”
Spring should bring wall to wall trials of riot conspirators. in politics
2 ups, 2y
When one side is viciously prosecuted for relatively minor infractions and the other is allowed to engage in unbelievably destructive mayhem with no consequence, there is no law anymore; there is only power. F—k you.
When You Don't Know What Emergence Is And Are Too Small-Minded To Imagine Anything Larger Than Yourself in politics
0 ups, 2y
So, you've never had an actual conversation with anyone who disagrees with you, huh? That's the only way I can see you consistently producing such a string of garbled nonsense and imagining you're making an argument.
Code words in politics