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squint your eyes in CuRsEd_ImAgEs666
2 ups, 4d
The level of effort this must have taken. . .
Untitled Image in eyeroll
2 ups, 4d
Easy Pea pod lemon wedge.
you dont have to answer. in depression_much
1 up, 4d
I will never be able to get my message to reach the audience I desire spreading it to. The good I want to do in people's lives will forever be limited.
Anyone else? in NeurodivergentsUnite
0 ups, 1w
That is a much cooler reason to lose fingerprints.
Untitled Image in Awesome_Pics_
0 ups, 2w
I'm assuming this isn't Texas and therfore I cannot afford to go there, but ooooh pretty rocks.