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Every time my sister puts on a different outfit she says that and itโ€™s so annoying in fun
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we'd be 1000 years of these guys actually XD we wouldnt even stuck in one universe wed be able to switch between alternate realities depending on which had the best outcome & wed have complete control of our physical form like one punch man or a naruto ninja. instead we have this:
1hyu5y.jpg (click to show)
Follow darko_yolo in fun
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oof i cant tell whether to to be mad or sad ๐Ÿ˜” but still funny XD
Woman Yelling At Cat in fun
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you earned my upvote bro
Cringe in fun
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Np man keep your head up
I feel so special lol in top_memes
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ahhh ok i mean i think the views i get are pretty good but i definitely see room for improvement thx bro