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Yeetolic Christanity, also known as Yeetolism is the worshipping of the Jebussy, the son of the Yeetus God. tiktok good
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pump is at 3 skid is at 4 (Kawaii: I CHOOSE M E) in FunkinStream
0 ups, 4h
skid cuz:
1. South is a bop
2. I dont like pumpkins
3. Spooky skary skeletons shivering up your spine
4. D-side south bops aswell (d-side spookez is better tho)
Baby Found in Dumpster in MEMES_OVERLOAD
0 ups, 1d
Dear god. I'd like to thank you for creating the downvote button.
To me, it’s RUN in FunkinStream
0 ups, 2d
has no right to be a banger, so it broke the law
To me, it’s RUN in FunkinStream
0 ups, 2d
improbable outset and execution