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I will do it guys, so unsmash that upvote button. in fun
0 ups, 2m
we can do it! it is almost there!
How the internet can be saved (Feel free to repost on any other social media platform) in fun
0 ups, 2m
da f**k? i tried to upload an image but it is just showing the link!
The Rock Driving in fun
0 ups, 2m
and frankly i am too lazy to bother to try and translate.
The Rock Driving in fun
0 ups, 2m
that actually means something in hindi. but the english translation is a bit weird
Bernie I Am Once Again Asking For Your Support in fun
0 ups, 2m
because apparently democrat leaders are dumbf**ks that the insurance companies own and they don't want anyone to have free healthcare because money