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Dino nuggets are everything.
not another one! in fun
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About a year ago when i got started on imgflip i seen alot of upvote beggars post and thought everyone did that and that was fine and normal...i created a post like that and was proud of it, it took me a good amount of time, i wondered why everyone commented "BEGGAR!!!" now i know but then i was like, what did i do wrong, what is even an upvote beggar? I agree with that post too :)
Have a nice day! in fun
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I was getting started about 1 yr ago on imgflip and i seen a post like that, i thought it was normal to post this kind of post since i seen alot of it but looking back...kinda cringe tbh XD sorry dude
Sky Children Of The Light just got funky in fun
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Imagine when they honk in the netflix adaptation-