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The Most Important Question of Life
The Dank Web is the biggest part of the internet.It is fractured into several different sites and zones.There is the contro-humorial zone known as Distict Offend,Death Depositing Site known as District Old Memes and the biggest part of the dank web is called The Montage District.These are the only "fully" explored places of the dank web.There have been countless researches driven by nazis happening during WWII.These researches have been named "Operation 420 Louis"."Operation 420 Luis was a sort of an expedition to find out all memes on the interweb.We would use this knowledge to make mega weapons that would destroy armies with a single blow." -Nazi Guard
Didn't see that coming
Reported for misleading
Matrix Morpheus
Mind blown.
Rise of the Ancient
Rise of the Ancient is a project made by me to bring back old memes that shaped us and our past and future.Make an old meme and in the comments type in #RiseOfTheAncients!So the great old memes can return and bring eternal peace to our world so go!Go my little MLG angels!Summon the great old ones!!!Make memes greater than ever!!!!
Judy Hopps
Sorry.I don't talk Einstein.(Einstein = smart)