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Executive order Biden in politics
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I'll also give you more advice:

Find out what politicsTOO is saying

if that's a liberal database, that could very much mean their own demise.

Ever heard of 'Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer'? That's not a saying to invoke forgiveness in children. It's a tactic in warfare. So, if we know the liberal arguments, we can formulate counters. For instance, what's the counter for the well known argument destroyer 'THAT'S RACIST!'

Question them: How is (argument) racist?
Or prove it's not racist

Remember, your ability to keep calm is also your ability to win or lose a war, or in some cases, your life.

'Never fire the first arrow, but always fire the last'
Executive order Biden in politics
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CS Python 101

if biden == hitler:
biden's demise == hitler's demise
if biden's rule == hitler's rule
biden's actions == hitler's actions
hitler's action == world war
biden == war

For those of you who don't know, == is to compare two objects on either side to check if they are one and the same

In addition, the word's biden != (does not equal) b * i * d * e * n

So if I were to advise you: 'Brace yourself, for war is near'
Just give up Psaki and Democrats. You can't justify this crap in politics
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Point is, to beat a foe you have to think like them, theorize what they would do in a situation, and manipulate it to your advantage.
If you think that is cruel, remember, numerous 'antivaxxers' believe that the pandemic, or in their eyes, 'plandemic' is fake.

Also remember, 'Legend, no matter how preposterous is almost always based on facts.' (Except for the Greek gods legends. Honestly, I still can't find any credible inspiration of a man who can control lightning with a severely messed up family)

Modern 'legends', and I quote this because they are disputed are almost always based on fact. Some death counts of COVID are extremely erroneous, though they MAY have originated from an actual death toll that was unexpectedly high, yet rational, causing people to exaggerate it, once again bringing the line 'The people are stupid' due to their incompetence many in the government MAY have had to concoct plots once again. That is, IF the conspiracy is accurate. Anyway, I have work to attend to, so to conclude, always consider both sides to make a rational, and reasonable decision, and be very generous in any debate, as some of you or even I may encounter soon, have powerful arguments at your disposal to obtain an undisputed victory. Anyway, I hope your knowledge has increased from my revelation of information.
Just give up Psaki and Democrats. You can't justify this crap in politics
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Another fundamental government principle that is ill-known is "The people are stupid, for they have not seen complex affairs."
This is actually more common in monarchies, and dictatorships. However, if I was a ruler, I would abide the term that 'The people are stupid.'
Beware, so you don't misunderstand. There are many types of people in a government:
1) Those who blindly believe
2) Those who blatantly deny
3) Those who inquire and question
When I say 'The people are stupid' I don't literally mean you're stupid. I mean that some affairs of people are so complex that they need to be 'dumbed-down' for the audience I intend to target to understand it.
Had I not put that, I could accurately predict that some of you would take offense to that, despite documented text of mine explicitly stating that I don't intend to offend anybody. The core concept I'm trying to point out, is that due to a lack of exposure to 'evil' as some may phrase it affairs is that the public is generally impulsive. Sometimes, that's not a bad thing. Though this can be manipulated, and IF the government intends to tyrannize the lands we reside, they would have to do so discreetly, otherwise chaos would bloom. Government's don't like chaos. In fact, I could go so far to say that governments hate chaos, because governments are very orderly, which doesn't necessarily mean good.
If you consider the government a foe, you must understand it. The proverb 'Keep your friends close and your enemies closer' isn't a juvenile's reminder to be forgiving.
Rather, it is a concept of war, and war in itself is so complex that explaining it now would be futile to the point I'm trying to make. Still, this 'war' tactic is to know your foes so well that you could predict where he strikes his sword before striking it. (Sorry, I tend to write and speak eccentrically) Or in essence, having the enemy you need. I saw another meme on this channel, one I greatly admired, for the one who made it could have been very wise.
Look at the small image in the bottom right corner.
See a noticeable difference between portrayal (MEDIA screen) vs. reality (What the MEDIA screen recorded)?
That could also be used to differentiate our viewpoints. For instance, in the past, I was claimed to be bias, yet, would you view me as bias?
Point is, to beat a foe you have to think like them, theorize what they would do in a situation, and manipulate it to your advantage *Comment continues below*
Just give up Psaki and Democrats. You can't justify this crap in politics
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Read this quote (I made it) carefully:
"It's a trick. It's a trap. It's a ploy. It's a plot. It's a game. It's a conspiracy."
This, I can safely say is the main message that governmental affairs have with us.
My comment does certainly address multiple of you, I can guarantee. Yet, do not be mistaken, for I do not intend to offend neither you or anyone else, nor do I intend to acquire biases on either side, left or right.
Think with an "if... then..." format
Then you might be able analyze more possible viewpoints.
Firstly, think of the government's position. Not that I intend for you to sympathize with them, but to think 'What would I do in this situation?'
You must then have a goal to accomplish, for a government would be a failure through and through if it could not plan.
This is especially prominent in warfare.
That's not the point. The point is: 'IF the pandemic is fake, THEN it would only be logical for governments to make a 'record recovery' with vaccine companies (which may contain mercenaries though that could also be my own thoughts) and then advertise it. All in all, the government would make plenty.
In my personal thoughts, I actually have failed to come up with an adequate argument for the other side.
However, this is my best impression of it, to be as rational as possible in order to make potentially accurate conclusions on both sides. 'IF the pandemic is real, THEN masks and vaccines should quickly be made, primarily focusing on a potentially unsuccessful, rapid vaccine to slightly reduce the disease. Then, vaccines of greater value, which should be safer, more effective, and cheaper should be made. On top of that, being a government ruled by the people, they should have free 'choice' as to whether to take the vaccine or not. IF COVID-19 and its other variants are as deadly as the news claims (Or deadly enough that the pandemic isn't a drill), THEN he who rejects the vaccine should take more measures to reduce disease spread. That is, IF the vaccine is safe.
Can we agree that in recent times, many people posted on reasons not to take the vaccine, and how the choice to take the vaccine wasn't really a choice.
Remember now, like I said, to think like a government.
Here's how a government thinks:
'I/We are the ruler/s'
'I/We must have some control over our peoples, yet by our law, which is we contradict, we could potentially be overthrown'
Another fundamental government principle that is ill-known is *Comment too long. Continues below*