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Ut Oh, I upset a Liberal plugged in to CNN
Guns Kill People
I could Literally take a Truck or Car.. Drive down the road, See a crowd of people and Kill just as many if not More with that vehicle as any one person could with a semi auto gun...
Please join me in the comments for some rhyming fun!!!
Beachnut was a Son Of A B**ch, Wrecked His Car In A W**rehouse Ditch, Climbed Over The Wall With His Dick In His Hand, Said Watch Out ladies, I'm A Helluva Man.. Line A 100 Up Against The Wall, I Betcha 10 I Can F**k Them All.. He F**ked 98 Till His Balls Turned Blue, He Backed Off, Jacked Off & Then F**ked The Other Two... Beachnut Died & Went To Hell, He F**ked The Devil & He F**ked The "Well".. The Devils Son Ran Down The Hall Screaming Get Him Daddy, Get Him Daddy Before He F**ks Us All