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YUN in MS_memer_group
0 ups, 22h
that's the point
YUN in MS_memer_group
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not you too for a hood trolling day
YUN in MS_memer_group
0 ups, 23h
not you too
Russia tooootally caused so much inflation because of their war despite the fact they aren't even close to our main oil supplier in politics
0 ups, 23h
1. Was refering to the US in this
2. I know, but most point at Russian oil for the inflation woes
This is worse than when Roblox crashed in MS_memer_group
0 ups, 5d
this is ridiculous, Google is becoming too complacent with their servers, so if we see a 3 day crash on the biggest search bar, everyone takes an internet due to nobody else's servers being able to hold everyone