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Whoosh him they said, it would be fine they said
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Task failed successfully in fun
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It's a fake shutdown prank XD
run it to see for yourself.
Task failed successfully in fun
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Option Explicit
Dim IntCounter
Dim objWshShl : Set objWshShl = WScript.CreateObject("")
Dim objVoice : Set objVoice = WScript.CreateObject("sapi.spvoice")


Function ShutdownWarning
objVoice.Speak "You should really not run random programs, you will regret it sooner or later."
WScript.Sleep 5000
End Function

Function ShutdownWarning
objVoice.Speak "But hahahahahahahaha this is a prank, you computer will now self destruct."
WScript.Sleep 5000
End Function

Function TimedMessageBox
For IntCounter = 5 To 1 Step -1
objWshShl.Popup "Computer will self destruct in " _
& IntCounter & " seconds",1,"This is a prank bro!", 0+48
End Function

Function ShutdownComputer
objWshShl.Run "Shutdown /s /f /t 0",0
End Function
Another gif hope u like/ helps u fall asleep in fun
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my brain is somewhere ekse. i think it has exploded