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Clinton in fun
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They don't need to . . . she's self discrediting! She's Native American from the Notanativeamerican tribe. :)
Untitled Image in fun
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What Bill thinks during Hillarys debates
Clinton in fun
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The establishment media isn't trying to discredit her, they are for the most part completely ignoring her. For good reason. She's pretty toxic, which is ironic since she is running as a "Green" party candidate. Apparently they didn't teach "Basic Economics" at Harvard, because she clearly has no understanding of it, heheh.
Hillary, really? in fun
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"Shut up"? Really? Here's a truth for ya, First: I've discussed Hillarys role in the Benghazi fiasco directly, face to face, with one of the survivors, Kris Paronto. Either she is lying, or he is. I trust a guy who was REALLY under fire in Benghazi due to Hillarys incompetence, over Hillary who lied about being under fire in Bosnia. Quit being a dumbass in my comment section.
Life Hack in fun
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Don't try this at home . . . try it at your friends house or something.