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If you're mad, eat a doughnut. You deserve a doughnut.
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Am I crazy? in fun
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IF ANIMALS COULD ACTUALLY TALK THAT WOULD BE GREAT | image tagged in memes,that would be great | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Am I crazy? in fun
1 up, 6y
Then that means dogs and wolves can't talk too. Ahem, Raydog, ahem, me...
Am I crazy? in fun
2 ups, 6y
But what if the dog (Raydog) told the hornet to tell the shark to tell the hippo to tell the mouse to tell the leprechaun in the wolf's (me) pocket to say that the wolf is crazy? So, it's Raydog's fault.
Yo Dawg Heard You in fun
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Yo dawg heard you like scumbag hats

So I put a scumbag hat on your scumbag hat so you can be a scumbag with your scumbag hat
Optimistic Moon Moon Wolf Vanadium Wolf in fun
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So true. Being a wolf is also a side affect of being awesome, but most people don't get to that level. So, I'm a weird wolf. That means I'm super awesome?