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A Moderate Caught in the Middle. Both Sides Like & Dislike My Opinions
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More Colorful Brace Yourself in fun
0 ups, 2y
Thanks. I haven’t posted on imgflp for most of 4 years because the political bullies were overwhelmingly ruining imgflp & downvoting reasonable people. Guess who the bullies were...
hide the pain hillary in fun
2 ups, 7y
Ah...for the good old days when there was still hope for Bernie or anybody else...
But That's None Of My Business in fun
0 ups, 7y
Yep. As an older guy, there's a lot of truth to that!
SHEEPLE in fun
4 ups, 7y
Waiting Skeleton in fun
1 up, 7y
Not sure what you mean, but you get my upvote!