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NFT in fun
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I’m open to changing my mind on this, but it seems like Aces kinda limped into the conversation in fun
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You seem to be avoiding my discussion. It would seem you are more interested in discussing my experience rather than my point. You would assume that because I don't know every nook and cranny of LGBT that I'm worthless, but I'd recommend you reconsider. Most of what you have told me is a simple rejection of my ideas without proper explanation or reasoning, demonstrating a lack of forward knowledge. You have been quite rude and rejective so far, so I'd like for you to explain properly, WHY asexuals should not be included in LGBT with an explanation and evidence, OR disprove my final point, which is that suffering should not be a requirement for inclusion and support. Do not say you won't discuss 'because I don't know anything, you need to discuss my point.
Cereal IS soup... fight me! in fun
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Yes, thank you for your contributions to the war effort.
The sun just wants to die in fun
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Here comes the sun, there goes your soul.