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At least eating Tide Pods is something. Still haven't seen one piece of wall up yet.
Bad Pun Dog
Are you offering?
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Freezer burn?
Sudden Clarity Clarence
I'm afraid I cannot help you, as I may very well be devoid of any sort of dankness.
Be Like The Fonz
There was one episode where Mr Cunningham's friend is getting married. His friend is black. Most of the characters are prejudiced towards his friend, even The Fonz. Mr Cunningham already accepts his friend. Fonz quickly warmed up to him. Mrs Cunningham was the most prejudiced toward his friend, and even got called out for it by Mr C. The reason I picked The Fonz is that he's easily the most developed character throughout the series. He was definitely flawed early on, but greatly improved over time. Sure, it's a work of fiction, but I'd like to think anyone can improve themselves like he did.