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and we remember when people were actually honest about issues instead of merely bring up non-issues to distract from a booming economy and a foreign policy triumph
But Thats None Of My Business
it would help if you learned how to spell "business"
Explain your logistics.
in 2016, top 1 percent of all earners paid 40% of all federal income explain to me your libtard logic again?
Explain your logistics.
the biggest scandal is that 49% of the people (like the OP, I bet) pay NO federal income taxes. everyone should pay the same rate and we'd have no deficit. but instead, turds like the OP think that soaking the rich MORE would help when in reality, if you confiscated EVERY DOLLAR that people make past $1 million, you still wouldn't close the deficit.
Explain your logistics.
OP. Richest people already pay the VAST majority of federal income taxes. 50% of the country pays NONE. you do get that, right? They pay a bigger percentage and most of the bill ALREADY